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GraceJean inject gorgeous nostalgia into new music

GRACEJEAN Long Black Roadtrip-8.jpg

Melbourne duo GraceJean showcase a strong dynamic as both performers and songwriters on new single ‘Turn Away’.

Paired with the release of their debut album Long Black Road, the group apply heartfelt lyricism and lush arrangement to the single as they explore harmonic balance.

Making music since 2017, GraceJean’s Fiona Steele and Ailsa Mitchell flaunt their growth on the fresh record.

Through a phenomenal blend of rich harmonies, rhythmic guitars and poetic storytelling, the listener is invited to bop along.

The powerful lyricism in the track is a massive step up, so it’s no surprise when GraceJean say they’re in their happy place when making music.

“We find ourselves in our element in the depths of writing a song together; piecing it together word by word, one chord at a time, deliberating over nuance and imagery,” they say.

As their new music comes to life in an environment that nurtures positivity, GraceJean’s smooth, natural flow is indisputably heard.

As the girls explore a new chapter of artistry, their sound strides forward. There’s no denying GraceJean have found the formula for producing an impressive tune that captivates the listener. So, don’t ‘Turn Away’ from the Long Black Road.