KAYEX – Perth-based Funk/Dance duo drop tasty treat ‘5:29’


“Dance like everyone is listening to KAYEX”
- Old Chinese Proverb

Perth-based duo KAYEX have just dropped their latest dance banger, ‘5:29’, a track packed to the brim with tight percussive grooves and the kinds of Justice-esque style bass lines that make your legs fuzzy. I’ve been a massive fan of KAYEX since they released ‘My Friends’ last March and I think these boys are on a trajectory leading somewhere very special - don’t know where that is just yet, but with a debut EP around the corner (early next year), I believe the term “the sky is the limit” fits well.

‘5:29’ starts off with some ominous gongs that sound like a mix between a Medieval town invasion bell and a computer error sample. All the sampling in ‘5:29’ has such a deft touch, making it the smooth chocolate icing on top of this layer cake of song. Around the 50-second mark, KAYEX’s trademark bass drops in, powered by enough funk to turn you into a twerking teenager yelling “shake your ass! watch yourself!” at the mirror. This is all topped off with lead singer Tom Derickx’s smooth and silky vocals, which give this track the feeling that it would work on a dance floor, or after a toke or two.

So if you’re ready to throw your hands up in the air and lose those inhibitions, KAYEX will be hitting a slew of festivals this season including Snowtunes, No Worries Festival and Your Paradise 2018. This is all off the back of an SG Lewis Australian tour and playing Listen Out last year. Don’t expect KAYEX to slow down at all though, as fresh signings with Audiopaxx for management and Select Music for bookings hint that they’re going to have anything BUT a quiet next 12 months.

What did a I tell you? Keep those spidey senses on KAYEX, you won’t want to miss this gravy train.

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