Good Friday - Hottest New Releases #5

Good Friday: the feature series that shines a light on the hottest new releases from around Australia. Make sure you check out all the artists that featured in our fifth edition!

1.     ‘Breakdown’ - Obseen


Obseen has returned with new single ‘Breakdown’, showcasing his effortlessly honest storytelling and signature electronic production.

After the release of his debut EP Envy Me, the artist infuses playful lyrics into his new single which are paired with his signature smooth falsetto.

Obseen says he has written a lot of songs about mental issues and social media in the past but wanted to write about the stresses of society for the new single.

“I wanted to characterise the feeling of mental pressure and anxiety in a fun way in an effort to destigmatise these conversations," he adds.

Obseen's ability to craft soulful electronic music is indisputably inimitable, and you can expect new music, new shows and new concepts from him in 2019. Check him out now.

2.     ‘Give Me Your Love’ - La Felix [words by Nick Wasiliev]


One of the most exciting indie-producers around, La Felix, has brought harmonic bliss on new EDM banger ‘Give Me Your Love’.

After scoring it big in 2017 with ‘Delicious’, the enigmatic artist has been having a busy 2019 so far, with three singles in ‘Drama’, ‘Real Thing’ and ‘Too Many Lies’ released over the last few months. However, this new single he’s dropped is a notable change of pace.

‘Give Me Your Love’ is simple in its execution, but there is a lot more to this track than meets the eye. An atmospheric, EDM banger, it sees La Felix and his most emotive, serving as a masterclass in the effects of adding elements and bringing them together to create a smooth, sublime sense of harmony.

Launching into a crisp beat with light guitars strumming in time, there is a sense of  old-school funk to the proceedings. However, once La Felix introduces himself into the mix with vocoder vocals, echoing the titular mantra into oblivion, the track takes on a more nocturnal, and compelling, feel.

The bass brings some much-needed weight to the dynamics of the song, and when it breaks into pulsating synths in the instrumental, the song brings it’s repetitive, but no less infectious, melody front and centre.

This is a song that nails its atmosphere and feel, and to do that with so many simple elements is a testament to La Felix’s musical abilities, and his mastery of production. Bring on whatever he delivers next!

3.     Underneath It All - Hein Cooper


After supporting James Bay and Lukas Graham, Hein Cooper has released his new album Underneath It All

Born and raised Australian, Cooper has been living in Montreal for a few years. The new record is as exuberant as it gets as the artist embodies every note and line; tearing down walls to focus on the heart and soul of the entire initiative.

Cooper insists he’s determined to dive deep within his bare soul, with a string of songs filled with new hope and positivity after some much-needed time off in-between studio recording. One of the tracks on the album, ‘Like That’, deserves a special mention for its vocal range and exemplary rhythm.

Framed in folk with obvious pop sensibilities and RnB vibes, the album draws inspiration from Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, Rye-X, Radiohead and Coldplay. Listen to Hein Cooper's new album Underneath It All today.

 4.     ‘Keep On Coming Back’ - Wagons


Wagons have made a triumphant return to music with their first track in five years, ‘Keep On Coming Back’.

The band effectively hone in on their hard-hitting, outlaw inspired, swamp rock madness while still stomping together as a joint force.

The unquestionably catchy new single is a melodic masterpiece and incorporates all the elements of the classic Wagons sound, with a fresh spiralling twist.

The track is a pensive collection of recurring memories, ear-worms, strange habits, and scars, describing the way a single experience or place can prompt old memories that alter the future.  

The group have been compared to musical outlaws Johnny Cash and Nick Cave, and it’s clear to see why. Listen to ‘Keep On Coming Back’ now and see them on their Australian tour in September.

 5.     ‘Say Enough (ft. Jack Spadez)’ - Frankie Crea


Perth-based musican Frankie Crea utilises melodic synths and blistering guitar solos in new song ‘Say Enough (ft. Jack Spadez)’.

The tune is a refreshing blend of Rock/Pop/Indie that stresses the significance of living in the moment. Jack Spadez provides exemplary backup vocals and clever lyricism. 

"[I asked Jack] to jump on the track and do a verse… He came back to me a day later with lyrics and I instantly liked… It turned out to be a cool little fun collab,” says Frankie.

Although somewhat more poppy than Frankie’s previous releases, the style is still executed with an infectious energy. The atmospheric sounds and upbeat tempo alongside Frankie’s textured vocals compliment the song.

Frankie adds: “Soon as I came up with basic ideas for this song and laid down a demo of it I knew I sort of had something unique, different and fresh.”

Frankie Crea’s new single Say Enough (feat. Jack Spadez) from Frankie’s upcoming debut album is out now on all music platforms.