Good Friday: The feature series that shines a light on our favourite new releases from around Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Make sure you check out all the artists that featured this week up the top of our weekly playlist, which also includes some other jams we've been getting down to during the week.


1.     ‘Let’s Stop Pretending’ - Sunday Estate

The Sunday Estate have unveiled their lively third single, ‘Let’s Stop Pretending’.

The fun-loving quintet have created the perfect tune for lovers of nostalgia pop, featuring hard hitting, head-banging percussion and catchy, funk-laden guitar riffs.

The song was formed swiftly, imitating the chaotic, nervous energy one feels when they’ve fallen for a friend.

Inspired by Netflix’s cult teen rom-com, ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’, the track follows the all too familiar narrative of two friends falling in love, but ignoring their feelings to preserve the friendship.

The warm familiarity of The Sunday Estate’s sound adds a new perspective to the reminiscent likes of The Cure, New Order, The Strokes and Phoenix.  


From originally starting as a joke back in 2017, The Sunday Estate have made huge strides in the right direction over the course of 2019, and there’s no sign of them slowing down.

To celebrate their recent success, The Sunday Estate will be performing at The Chippendale Hotel in Sydney on 24th October. ‘Let’s Stop Pretending’ is a taste of great things to come from The Sunday Estate. Get around it!


2.     ‘Jealous Love’ - Neon Tetra


After supporting the likes of Boy & BearRobbie WilliamsBall Park Music, and Vera Blue, Adelaide’s Neon Tetra have released a new luscious single, ‘Jealous Love’.

The bright sound unveils a new era for the group by forming an insatiable groove with fun lyricism and melodic strength. ‘Jealous Love’ is a refined culmination of the band’s influences, implemented with finesse.

The polished synths, dreamy production, and flawless lyricism constructs a solid soundscape which enables the band’s pop arrangements to take centre stage.

Neon Tetra have become one of South Australia’s most popular young bands through embracing dynamism, romanticism and maturity, and are stronger than ever on this new release.

There’s no doubt the new soaring stylistic twist on the sounds of the ‘70s and ‘80s has paid off dramatically for the four-piece. With many exciting things coming up, you’re going to want to hop on board the Neon Tetra bus before they go on tour!


3.     ‘Retribution’ - Droves

1 - __High Voltage Photography __ please credit.PNG

Droves have changed dramatically over the past year, embracing a fresh, layered soundscape in their new track ‘Retribution’.

The formerly Wollongong based, now Sydney group include an urgent percussive undercurrent and a banging chorus in the tune.

The band’s multiple vocalists know exactly how to execute a pounding, syncopated chant that compliments instrumental sections. Moreover, the song effectively cuts through an underlying tension with resplendent, reverberating guitars.

Droves frontman Phil Spiteri says the song was inspired by the complete free reign that the rich are given to dig up and spit out the planet.

“‘Retribution’ is the first instalment of many songs to come that challenge the established concept of society through an ironic blend of pop-hooks and dark imagery," he adds.

The quintet have gained truckloads of support in the last few months, specifically by opening for big names like RAAVE TAPES, San Mei, and Bakers Eddy, to name a few.

Droves will be playing exclusive shows in Sydney and Melbourne over the next month or two, so make sure you see them while you can!.


4.     ‘Fall Into You’ - Price Park

Price Park Press Pic 1.jpg

Melbourne producer Price Park joins forces with long-time collaborator Arty Ziff for a new spin on his latest release ‘Fall Into You’.

Fresh off the release of his track ‘Rise’, Price Park utilises lush production techniques to accentuate Harris’ exceptional vocal tone.

The track takes the listener on a smooth journey through a vibrant soundscape.

Price Park says the remix was the perfect opportunity to rework some Arty Ziff magic.

“’Fall Into You’ was a huge step forward for Arty Ziff and the development of his sound is super exciting… We’re very close friends and Mitch is close to a brother of mine, so it was only a matter of time before we worked together,” adds Price Park.

Being the breakout year for both artists, their modern sound sets them up nicely for the future.

“[It’s] incredible… The way he was able to add his sound with my sound and make it blend was amazing," says Arty Ziff.

Arty Ziff has always been afraid of a remix being better than the original… and he says it's happened. If that isn’t enough reason to give it a listen, I don’t know what is.


5.     ‘Can’t Keep Waiting’ – Parker


Award-winning visual artist, songwriter and musician Parker AKA Tash Parker gifts a new track, ‘Can’t Keep Waiting’.

The application of heavy, industrial percussion and repetitive synth patterns blended with Parker’s soft voice likens the song to those of Lana Del Rey.

‘Can’t Keep Waiting’ is infused with the power of primal human emotion, describing a grand leap into the unknown, away from everything comfortable and safe.

Parker says the single is about gathering the courage to be honest with yourself and letting go of all that is safe in order to grow.

“I believe it’s in the moments when we feel completely lost that we find the opportunity to discover something new about ourselves…  Each moment we have the ability to create ourselves anew,” she adds.

The electronically iridescent new single is a transcendental, meditative masterpiece that draws the listener into an ambient state of contemplation. Prepare to be physically, mentally, and spiritually awoken.