Rae Sremmurd

PNK FME’s Brooding ‘Infatuation’ Is A Dreamy Drunk-Drive Through The Electro-Pop Clouds

PNK FME - Infatuation Press Pic 2.jpg

Vocalist and producer PNK FME is our new musical infatuation.

The Adelaide shooting star landed on the Good Intent team’s radar this week with a mesmerising new dollop of minimalistic electro-pop that is a straight-up MOOD.

Dubbed ‘Infatuation’ (see what we did there), the tune is driven along at a slow, cruising pace by softly clanking percussion samples that loop beneath throbbing synths, buoying PNK FME’s delicate, verby vocal melodies up to soar as he gives voice to “internal musings of falling helplessly in love and the associated desires”.

The woozy, introspective soundscapes he crafts here instantly ensnare, and it’s little wonder his talents have already netted him sync deals with Mercedes Benz, Adelaide Fashion Festival and the South Australian Tourism Commission.

Similarly, we recommend ‘Infatuation’ as the perfect soundtrack to your next late night party drunk-cry, because it will instantly add a touch of class and poignance to proceedings.