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Low Key Crush - Sing about unreciprocated love in their new track ‘Swimming Laps’


Melbourne indie-pop band Low Key Crush sing about unreciprocated love in their new, softly percussed and harmony-rich track, Swimming Laps’.

The light tune expresses the desire for love that doesn’t exist or has not yet taken off. It serves as a reminder to the listener that - even though one may want to experience requited love - it’s important to appreciate the unrequited kind too.

Low Key Crush utilise consistent acoustic melodies and chilled lyrical references to create the perfect mixture of sincerity and reclusive acceptance in the song.

‘Swimming Laps’ was initially written by singer/guitarist Tim Haines, and was brought to life with the help of his close musical pal, bassist and vocalist Ella Francis of Mac’s Peake, and his new friend, drummer Taycian Lord.

Together, their shared love of guitar-based pop music has grown into a completely unique sound. Their influences include 90’s idols The Cranberries, Lemon Heads and Max Martin, with nods to modern torchbearers Soccer Mommy, Snail Mail and Hatchie.

Grace Turner – Delivers the gut-punch final blow to 2018 with ‘Easy I Fall’

Grace Turner-LUCY-ALCORN-IMGL6600.jpg

With the curtains closing on 2018, and as Australian music fanatics looked to the festival season, I was lost in the horizon of the new year, setting myself up for an earth-shattering blindside that has left me rolling on the ground in a daze. Not to worry though, I have a big smile on my face, as that cheap shot comes in the form of indie-rock-fuzz gem, ‘Easy I Fall’, from Newcastle-based singer-songwriter, Grace Turner.  

Over the last year, Grace has slowly been wowing Australian audiences with her brash, poignant lyrics and slow-burn, driving indie rock. With ‘Easy I Fall’, Turner presents her most fascinating work to date, with the sunset-filled cascade of her songwriting washing over you, listen after listen.  

‘Easy I Fall’ kicks off with the most face-slapping, memorable lyrics of 2018, Grace begins; “If you want to fuck me then just tell me that you love me, don’t know how easy I fall”. The apathetic style of Turner’s vocals, mixed with the raw-emotion of foreboding loss, make for a heartbreaking gut-punch of an introduction. From here, Grace has you clasped by the throat, gulping, as she croons; “There is no room for you, there is no room for two”.

Turner explains “This song is about being tirelessly perused. I used to play it first in my set to shock people into listening to me. I often joke in my live show that it’s about trying to break up with someone but sleeping with them instead. In a deeper sense it’s about power imbalances in relationships, not being listened to and putting someone’s wants and needs above your own.”

‘Easy I Fall’ holds your hand tight and walks with you into the eclipse of 2018, equal parts heart-wrenching and warmly embracing. As the festivals roll in and the feet-stomping dance hits commence, I will quite happily lie back on my couch, with a beer in hand and this beauty on repeat.

Turner has so far supported the likes of Alex the Astronaut, Gabriella Cohen, Jess Locke, Kingswood and Phil Jamieson (Grinspoon) in 2018. Grace and her band head to Festival of the Sun and Mountain Sounds Festival this festival season, with more shows to be announced in 2019.  Stay tuned.


THU 13 DEC | Magic Castle (Headspace Fundraiser) | PORT MACQUARIE
FRI 14 DEC | Festival of the Sun | PORT MACQUARIE
FRI 15 FEB | Mountain Sounds Festival | CENTRAL COAST