DRESS CODE mirror millennial culture on new single ‘Youth Culture’


Adelaide’s indie-pop quartet DRESS CODE have returned with ‘Youth Culture’, reflecting the way young people romanticise everyday moments to imitate fabricated Hollywood-esque glamour.

The group have cultivated a large following off the back of their dreamy single ‘Caffeine’, released earlier this year. Despite still being in their first year of inception, the band know exactly how to mirror society within their songs through the utilisation of dreamy guitars, driving drums and silky vocals.

The band present an honest maturity in their songwriting while maintaining a youthful charm as they describe the influence of movies and TV shows, specifically on their generation.
“We expect extraordinary things to happen to us, and when they don’t, we fabricate them,”

Lyrics such as “When did the ceiling rise, when did the pressure rise, your eyes can collapse my lungs” refer to perspective, and the way in which people can centre their entire existence around a single person.
DRESS CODE add: “Seeing the world through someone else’s eyes can make your world explode and change the way you go about your entire life.” 

After supporting Good Doogs, Bakers Eddy and Mosquito Coast to name a few, the band gigged in Sydney and Melbourne this month before playing a hometown headline launch show.

The band have now established a clear sonic direction for their gentle yet striking style, and we cannot wait to hear what’s next. Get on the hype of DRESS CODE’s most poignant effort and give ‘Youth Culture’ a listen today.