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Diamonds of Neptune blend psychedelic-pop with heavy synth tones on new single ‘Open the Door’


After the release of a self-titled EP in 2015, Melbourne indie-rock band Diamonds of Neptune have reemerged, eager and energised to take on the Australian music scene.  

The dreamy journey of ‘Open the Door’ begins with a funk-laden retro tune which invites listeners to let loose have a boogie. The flawless combination of vocals, guitars, synths, and percussion gives an undeniably catchy spin to the conventional indie-rock sound.  

The five-piece forget about the troubles of a normal working week in the track, expressing the sentiment when heading out the door for the weekend.

From supporting the likes of Northeast Party Hours, The Bennies, Stonefield, and The Belligerents to name a few, the group has developed significantly since forming in 2012.

The song from Diamonds of Neptune, including initial input from students, alumni, friends and connections of Box Hill Institute, is sure to inject a burst of energy into your day. Give ‘Open the Door’ a listen now!

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets take music scene by storm with new album ‘And Now For The Whatchamacallit’


And now for the long-awaited third album from Psychedelic Porn Crumpets‘And Now For The Whatchamacallit’

After selling out their last Australian and UK tours and receiving global recognition for previous releases, the Perth band and their undeniably epic psych sound have taken the music scene by storm.

Their new LP takes the listener on a psychedelic journey, chopping and changing between sky-high riffs and elaborate vocal layers. The album is a culmination of experiences from the last few chaotic years for the band - a testament to the Psychedelic Porn Crumpets’ unrelenting, vivacious attitude and hungry approach to music. The energy captured on the album undoubtedly mirrors that of the band’s live presence.

Song five ‘Native Tongue’ includes an enticing and engaging blend of guitars, fuzzed out melodies, and swirling vocals, while ‘Social Candy’ features an urgency in lead vocalist Jack McEwan’s lyrics and maintains a constantly switching pace for its four-minutes-and-20-seconds duration. The line “Commence ignition for face control” around the 3:54 mark hits hard.

The wailing guitars, heavy rhythms, and off-the-wall lyricism of ‘And Now For The Whatchamacallit’ also demonstrates the dynamic band’s ability to diversify sonically.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets say it best themselves:

“The original concept was to take a 1930’s carnival that had been re-imagined for future generations, a collage of Punch and Judy, Carousels and coconut shy’s that progresses in musical concepts and travels with the listener.

“Then as we started traveling, I was swept off into my own kind of circus, the odyssey of touring life. Large nights out, larger characters, drunken recollections of foreign cities and rabbit hole-ing into insanity”.

The first track of the album, January’s ‘Keen For Kick Ons?’ was met with an overwhelmingly positive response for its catchy rhythm and general fun nature.

The kings of blistering psych rock continued to assert their dominance with ‘Bill’s Mandolin’ in April, featuring manic guitar riffs and a trippy interlude. The track was a fitting continuation of pace from previous singles ‘Keen For Kick Ons’, ‘Social Candy’ and ‘My Friend’s A Liquid’. Self-described by the Crumpets as “a sprawling slap of psychedelia, trudging guitars, and screeching vocals,” ‘Bill’s Mandolin’ is an undeniable banger for any rock lover. 

‘Hymn For A Droid’, the third song of the LP, similarly slaps you in the face with an insane guitar riff before launching straight into heavy percussion. I can only imagine the state of the mosh when that chorus is played live. One of my favourites on the record.

The lads exhibit their instrumental range in ‘Fields, Woods, Time’. Although slightly more lowkey than the other tunes on the album, the fourth track of the LP isn’t any less of a banger.

Released earlier in the year, the head-banging groove of single ‘My Friend’s A Liquid’ recalls some seriously chilled vibes that are sure to get you in a good mood.

The Porn Crumpets’ signature soaring sound is on full display during ‘When In Rome’, which also incorporates a steady and memorable melody.

‘Digital Hunger’ is the undeniable outlier within the LP, and it could not be more perfect. A much calmer, hazed-out end caps off this masterful blend of sounds and rich psych textures.

The final song of the record, ‘Dezi’s Adventure’, begins with a pleasant bopping noise that recalls an old-fashioned carnival. The uniquely curated musical atmosphere makes the song stand out from any other you’ve heard within the genre.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets have an extremely exciting set of Australian tour dates commencing in June, including the incomparable Splendour In The Grass. See all dates below. The band has undoubtably brought their A-game on their third album and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

JUNE 12 | Lion Arts Factory | Adelaide 

JUNE 13 | The Triffid | Brisbane

JUNE 14 | The Croxton Bandroom | Melbourne

JUNE 15 | The Factory Theatre | Sydney

JUNE 21 | Astor Theatre | Perth

Premiere: Desert Moons – Share Majestic New Cut ‘Come Over’

Desert Moons 'Come Over' Press Shot.jpg

Full disclosure: I’m good friends with Simon and Jake Dobson of Desert Moons, and also help them out with promoting their music. No money is exchanged (just sharp pokes of my belly), I simply like their music and (sometimes) them as humans.

So, if you believe that impacts this review - jog on and head over to their Spotify or Apple Music to form your own opinion #transparency

For those of you happy to look past the nepotism, let me introduce you today to NSW Central Coast experimental-electronica pop duo, Desert Moons, who are premiering their dreamy psych-rock infused single, ‘Come Over’.

Opening with bouncing synths that recall the vibe of Childish Gambino’s ‘Redbone’, ‘Come Over’ projects itself swiftly from its funk-laden intro into a deep pit of fuzzed-out synths.

The dynamics wind down again for a fleeting moment, emphasising the striking vocals and harmony arrangements of Jake Dobson:“Will you come over, now that he’s gone? Will you come over, now that she’s gone?” he croons; a playful view of young love at its early stages and, at times, the frustrations of ego that accompany it.  

As the song progresses and continues to shift back and forth amongst its contrasting elements, it’s apparent the brothers have not only meticulously bridged the transition between the funk / R&B tinged verses and the thick psychedelic walls of Moog synthesisers – but have also tastefully melded the qualities of them together.

Jake’s hypnotic vocals glide along effortlessly with floating, fluttery synths, aligning in tandem perfectly to add the finishing touches on their strongest works to date.

The band has previously racked up a number of accolades, with props from the likes of KEXP, triple j, Rolling Stone Magazine, blahblahblahscience and various other tastemakers.

‘Come Over’ is out everywhere today, but since you’re here, I’ve made your life easy and included the Soundcloud link in this article.