The Dead Love


BIGSOUND, the week-long festival that turns Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley into an oasis of young and upcoming musical talent is back for yet another massive year. If you weren’t able to attend this year or simply want to relive the magical moments, check out our top two highlights from day two below!

1.     The Dead Love


After a string of huge 2019 performances, The Dead Love were a BIGSOUND act I was not missing.

They managed to pack out Crowbar, and within a song or two, punk lovers were everywhere. Wherever you looked people were banging heads, crowd surfing, and having a sick time. It was a special moment.

Before heading off, I managed to hear their punk singalong, ‘Frown’. As the audience belted out the punchy chorus, an overwhelming sense of comradery surged through the venue.

Closing with their hit ‘Sugarcoat’, the guys put on an awesome show which saw all the punk necessities: long hair, shirtless band members, and a screaming audience. The mosh went hard, nailing every lyric of every song.

If their BIGSOUND set was anything to go by, the future is going to hold a lot more music, work, and growth for The Dead Love, with a lot less sleep.

The Dead Love connected with the audience on a deep level, and never eased up on the pace. A set to remember.

2.     Nerve


Whilst waiting to see Tkay Maidza’s surprise BIGSOUND performance, I was lucky enough to witness the gifted Brisbane underground rapper, Nerve.

Despite playing his own show at The Wickham minutes earlier, Nerve knew exactly how to hype up the already exhausted crowd. The musician’s quick-paced, self-assured style was an unquestionable crowd favourite, especially in the way his voice hovered above the shaking production of every song.

Nerve has improved a lot over the years with his diverse and rich discography of releases. As the musician rapped about his musical, social and mental development, his intense, untamed talent became clear to the audience.

As the bars fired up, so did the venue. Out of nowhere, the mosh erupted. As guys threw themselves across the Flying Cock dancefloor, even Nerve himself couldn’t resist joining in mid song. I don’t think anyone expected the amount of energy that mosh saw.

The ability to convert deep-rooted rage into positive energy is a skill very few can do effectively, especially on stage. However, Nerve is one of those few. He nailed song after song with clarity and enthusiasm to exhibit his experience.

With two EPs, an album and a few singles under Nerve’s belt, the young Aussie boy with his head screwed on is bound for huge things.

Can’t wait for the third and final day.