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Saint Barae gets nostalgic on latest cut, ‘Power + Control’

Power + Control_artwork_new.jpg

Fresh off the release of his second single, ‘Boy From Mars’, Queensland electro-pop artist Saint Barae is back with an exciting new track ‘Power + Control.’

Becoming increasingly known for technicolour style that borrows heavily from electro-pop, Saint Barae has dazzled fans already several times this year, with his first two singles receiving critical acclaim for it’s blending of old-school eighties pop sounds with modern production and flair.

‘Power + Control’ represents a much more intimate affair compared to previous outings Barae has served us. A look into the mind of Barae coming to terms with his sexuality, the track is an ode to honesty and love of one’s self, and that shines in the power and positivity that emanates throughout the song.

Opening with heavy synths and Barae’s choirboy vocals, the track kicks into gear when 808 drums introduce themselves in the chorus. The groovy blend of sounds are ripped straight out of something Prince would have put together in his Purple Rain days.

Barae makes the track his own, singing about his heart being open and wanting to be loved like a god, which empowers the emotion of the song. During the final crescendo, the incorporation of synths to mimic the vocals is a really nice touch, something fans of Empire of the Sun would appreciate.

This track sees Saint Barae at his most honest, but with that, shows the artist’s integrity. This track has a confident, stare-you-right-in-the-eyes delivery that you can’t help but get swept up in, and the fact it is such a colourful display of synth-pop is the icing on the cake. With this track, Saint Barae confirms that it’s only going to be a matter of time before he hits it big. Keep your eyes on this artist, he’s going places.