Trash Boat

Carrington utilise hard hitting punk-rock while touching on loss and frustration in new EP 'Alter Ego'


Within the exciting music scene of Western Australia, punk rock outfit Carrington have already carved out a niche for themselves, becoming known for their hard hitting no frills approach of music.

The group has had an exciting 2019 so far, with the first single they dropped this year, ‘44 Days’ going on to feature triple j's radio show Short. Fast. Loud. However, this hard hitting track was just the tip of the iceberg, judging by their new EP Alter Ego.

If you love punk rock, this four track EP is a must listen. Through wearing their key inspirations like old-school Trash Boat and Boston Manor on their sleeve, Carrington have created a simple, to-the-point record; one that revels in the hard hitting nature of punk rock while also hitting you with themes of loss, frustration, and dying relationships. You know what you’re going to get, and this EP gives it to you in brilliant fashion, and then some more.

‘44 Days’ delivers pure fundamentals, kicking off the record in spectacular fashion. However, the track gets even more stunning when some legitimately gorgeous guitar chords introduce themselves into the song to compliment the harder hitting vocals and percussion.

‘Interesting Places’ is undoubtedly the highlight of the record, beginning with noodling guitar chords and peaks and valleys in its early stages, but as the song gets more emotionally impactful with it’s coming-of-age lyrics, the instrumentation revs up and hits the listener with a haunting climax.

‘Neon’ is the hardest hitting track on the album, detailing the end of a relationship and a blood-curdling performance from lead vocalist  Emmett Carroll, while the closer ‘Serration’ maintains the energy pulsing guitar and hard hitting drums to bring the EP to out with a bang.

EPs are all about giving people a taster, and in this case, Carrington have absolutely nailed their first impression. You looking for the next big thing in punk rock? Look right here.