Who the fuck is Codeine Messiah? We don’t know, but we still ain’t mad about it

Codeine Messiah.jpg

Take my hand and let’s slip into the world of the unknown. My latest find, courtesy of triple j Unearthed, is a whole bouquet of wild, carnivorous flowers from an artist called ‘Codeine Messiah’.

Codeine Messiah is an absolute unknown at the moment, with the only piece of information I can find being that he or she supposedly lives in the Western Plains of NSW. One thing is for sure though, they have an amazing ear for spine-tingling, leg-shaking production.  

‘Physical Symptoms’ starts with an endearing, whistle-like sample and beautiful melodies from vocalist Harvie, before dropping into that light snare dance-build. From this point, you know exactly where the song is traversing to: “DROP THAT SHIT”. However, it’s done breathtakingly well. All through ‘Physical Symptoms’, Codeine Messiah makes sure to continuously twist the arrangement and music slightly, to give you that satisfied eyebrow-raise.  

The chorus makes you feel like you’re in that crazy sweat/sex party from The Matrix. Then, second time around, Codeine Messiah pushes the eject button, leaving you feeling like you’re glued to ground as trees collapse in on you. Sounds pretty freaky, aye?

Yep, give this track a listen NOW.